How to add a bold paint color and keep a light and neutral space

How to add a bold paint color and keep a light and neutral space

So if someone asked, would you say you’re a lover of color in your home? Do you like a softer, neutral space, or one with deeper colors? I’ve always said I’m the former for sure…but then I looked at this shot of my office progress (I shared on Instagram), and I got to thinking: 
Dark green built ins Vintage Vogue BM
The more I thought about it, the more I realized I am a fan of color in our home. Much more than ever…especially when you compare this house to our last one. 
I LOVE the look of all light rooms when I see them online or in photos. At least most of the time — they have to have some wood or black to ground the space, otherwise they feel sterile to me.
But every time I’ve considered going all white for a room, it never sticks. It’s just not me. I can appreciate it for sure, but my style is changing a bit. I’ve noticed that I prefer a big pop of color, but it’s always on the walls. Not all the walls mind you. Just one or two. Try to keep up here. 😉 
It’s a trend I’ve noticed in our new(ish) house. I guess I’ve never really thought about it…I just do what I want in each space and try to make our home feel cohesive overall. But the more I spend time in my office with the green built ins, the more I realize I’m definitely changing and enjoying even more contrast in our home. I’m really attracted to deeper colors that play with lighter furnishings and lots of wood tones. 
I just think wood looks so sharp against a dark color, like the long shelves I added to the game storage wall

Dark gray accent wall basement toy storage
Some don’t consider gray to be a “color” but I disagree. There are SO many different takes on gray, and each will create a different feel in a space. 
That dark gray color on the basement wall is called Westchester and it’s a favorite. It’s a solid gray — no purple or blue tones to it. I love it. I first used it to create our dramatic ceiling in the master
Dark gray tray ceiling with wood beams Westchester gray
I am so drawn to the deeper tones lately…but not in the whole room! I hear accents walls may be going out of style but I’ll hold onto them with a death grip. Our master just happens to have the accent wall on the ceiling. 🙂 
The board and batten powder room is the first space I tackled after moving into this house and I immediately went with the dark blue wallpaper and ceiling: 
Blue gold peel and stick wallpaper white board and batten
Other than our son’s bedroom and an accent wall in our master in the last house, I can’t remember anywhere I went so dark before. 
Maybe it’s because this floorplan is a little more open? It’s a bright home for sure, with lots of natural light. I feel like the openness and sunlight really allows me to go more dramatic on the walls. 
Our dining space has dark walls, but I balanced it with a wall of white built ins: 
Dark blue walls dining area with built in shelves and window seat

I think the key to bringing in color without it taking over is just that…balance. First and foremost, I want our home to feel calm and cozy. I don’t want anything jarring, but I think you can accomplish that when you balance the deep colors with lighter accents elsewhere. 
The TALL fireplace wall and built ins in our family room aren’t overwhelming because I kept everything else light and neutral: 
Dark blue accent wall cyberspace Sherwin Williams
Overall I use very little color in our furniture or accessories…but that gives me room to create some drama with color elsewhere. 
It’s funny how our styles change over the years, right? I feel like this is an update of my decorating style ten years ago — but now I’m using darker tones that I consider neutrals (blue goes with anything) instead of orange, yellow or brown walls. 😉 (If you’ve been reading long enough you know which spaces I’m talking about!)
I think I can safely say you’ll never see those colors in our home again. But who knows — I used to hate the color blue and look what happened! Ha! 
If love a neutral room but crave some contrast and color like me, it can be done in a fresh and updated way! Don’t be afraid to add some deep tones to your home too. I already have plans to use the rest of the dark green paint elsewhere in our house. 😉 
So what are you — a white and bright lover, or do you prefer more color in your home? Or are you a mix of the two like me? 

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